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Traditional Medicinals® Organic Throat Coat® Seasonal Teas. New look. Same great tea! Created by herbalists. Supports throat health*. Naturally caffeine free herbal tea. Herbal supplement. Fairwild. USDA organic. Since 1974.

Other Description:

Personality smooth and silky. Herbal power. Helps you sing it loud, say it proud, stand up and be heard. Reason to love. Slippery elm or Ulmus rubra (Latin for "red elm," so called for its lovely reddish bark) is a beautiful, native North American elm tree. It's the inner bark of this tree that is actually called "slippery elm" due to its, yes, slippery, smooth, and slimy-in-a-good-way properties. Combined with licorice and marshmallow root, we think this tea blend is like taking your voice to the spa-because we all need a little comfort sometimes so we can get back to being our best. Taste. Sweet and earthy, silky, with a distinct licorice taste. Non GMO project. Verified. **This is the pharmacopoeial quality standard we use because quality matters. Our slippery elm bark is wild-collected throughout the beautiful wild lands of the southern Midwest. Our collectors ramble through forests they know intimately looking for trees and branches that are appropriate for cutting. It's a delicate practice that requires a long-view-these forests are sustainably managed so that this important herbal resource will be available for generations to come. The collectors must carefully strip the outer bark to get to the prized inner (slippery) bark, which is then dried and bundled up before it can be ground up for tea. We've got the right stuff. We raise the bar. The quality standard of the herbs we use is hard to pronounce, difficult to meet, and it's what makes us different, better. We're not ashamed to say it. Pharmacopoeial: It's the only quality standard our herbalists can rely on when blending teas for your health and wellness. Use this number on all correspondence related to this product. Reduce, reuse recycle. 100% recycled carton (at least 55% verified post-consumer waste). Compostable tea bags. Tea bags are made from compostable manila fiber paper. Certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). 100% organic ingredients. ††38% Fairwild® certified ingredients by dry weight. ©2012.

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